Martin Fabricius Quartet– bio

Danish vibraphonist, Martin Fabricius is on a mission. He wants to write and play music that touches people on an emotional level across gender, age, nationality or musical preferences. With his trio he has played concerts in Scandinavia, Central Europe, Asia and Africa and with three critical acclaimed albums his mission is well on it’s way.

Martin Fabricius studied the vibraphone with jazz legend Gary Burton at Berklee College of Music in the nineties where he graduated with a major in film scoring. Today, Martin has become a renewer of the vibraphone and the way it is being played. Combining advanced playing techniques with electronics he has turned the vibraphone into an expressive instrument that is well suited for the beautiful, expressive and storytelling music that has become his trademark. With his two fellow Danes, Jacob Hatholt on drums and Andreas Markus on bas, Martin Fabricius Trio is an unique and relevant voice or as JazzNyt writes after listening to the new album, Under the Same Sky: “They make music like no one else. The trio radiates a clarified maturity of international class. It’s intoxicating beautiful music.”

The first album with Martin Fabricius Trio, When Sharks Bite, was released in 2008 and was hailed by JazzNyt as one of the 10 best albums to be released that year. In 2014 came Out of the White (re- released in 2017 by Berthold Records) and received 5 out 5 stars by All About Jazz. The new album, Under the Same Sky, was released in October 2018 and has among other praise received 5 out of 5 stars from the German jazz magazine Jazzthetik.






Line Up:
Martin Fabricius : Vibraphone
Andreas Markus: Double Bass
Jacob Hatholt: Drums

Martin Fabricius Trio, Under the Same Sky – 2018 Berthold Records
Martin Fabricius Trio, Out of the White – 2017 Berthold Records
Martin Fabricius Trio, When Sharks Bite – 2008 Gateway Music