Mirja Klippel

Recently named Songwriter of the Year by Danish Music Awards Folk 2016, the Finnish Mirja Klippel is a new voice in the Danish music scene. Her texts are a string of intense feelings, that explode when her deep, longing voice and Spanish guitar meet Alex Jønsson’s falsetto and freely phrasing electric guitar. Together they create a crackling musical universe that is in constant movement. Klippel’s music is a flare – poetic and personal songs, that light up the deepest of forests and darkest of souls.



The Danish supergroup colliding electro sounds with afro-jazz to explore new musical hemispheres. What kind of music would emerge if you combined a pair of renowned Danish electronic producers with two of the most exciting jazz musicians around?
Kalaha take inspiration in equal parts from West-African funk, electro rave and jazz improvisation, standing up as the best possible blending of musical worlds – highly energetic and expressive, triggering the listener to dance with the head just as much as the heart. In over 80 shows KALAHA have created a state of euphoria among audiences who might never have otherwise thought they could dance so hard to the sound of jazz!

Online Music Magazine Earmilk.com says it best with its statement: “KALAHA transport fans into another world”