Kathrine Windfeld Big Band – bio

The Danish composer, arranger and pianist Kathrine Windfeld stands in front of her 15-piece Scandinavian orchestra, a youthful, charismatic team of razor-sharp ensemble musicians and star quality soloists. The music is colorful, the compositions merge tradition and innovation with a mixture of intense, physical grooves, sophisticated harmonic passages, poetic ballads and fiery ostinatos in explosive arrangements. With her sensational big band debut “Aircraft” she won “New Artist of the Year” in 2016 at the Danish Music Awards, with further nominations as “Composer of the year” and “Album of the year”. Her 2017 release “Latency” has gained overwhelmingly positive reviews and publicity in large numbers of international music magazines like The Guardian (UK), Downbeat (USA) and Le Monde (FR) calling for a promising future. As the only Danish jazz musician, Kathrine Windfeld has received the honorable one- year grant from The Danish Arts Foundation in 2017 and 2018.

Shortly after initializing Kathrine Windfeld Big Band in 2014, she was headhunted by The Standard Jazz Club in Copenhagen to do a weekly gig during two seasons. Since then, the vital ensemble has shared stage with high profile soloists like Mike Stern, Seamus Blake, George Garzone and Gilad Hekselman. In 2016, Kathrine Windfeld Big Band was chosen among the exclusive few to perform at the Danish clubnight at Jazzahead. In 2018 the band went on UK-tour where they played for full houses at high profile venues like PizzaExpress (London), Turner Sims (Southampton) and Watermill Jazz (Dorking).

Besides her own big band, Kathrine Windfeld is a committed guest composer: In 2018 she has been invited by the renowned Frankfurt Radio Big Band (DE) for a 10-day project, culminating in two concerts with her repertoire to be recorded for radio broadcast. She has collaborated with the Danish Radio Big Band, and has been “Artist in Residence” in Holland, Sweden, Finland and Norway.






Line Up:
André Bak (DK)
Rolf Thofte Sørensen (DK)
Magnus Oseth (NO)
Göran Abelli (SE)
Mikkel Aagaard (DK)
Anders Larson (SE)
Jakob Lundbak (DK)
Roald Elm Larsen (DK)
Ida Karlsson (SE)
Aske Drasbæk (DK)
Rhythm section:
Viktor Sandström (guitar, SE)
Johannes Vaht (bass, SE)
Henrik Holst Hansen (drums, DK)
Kathrine Windfeld (piano, DK)



Martin Fabricius Quartet– bio

Danish vibraphonist, Martin Fabricius is on a mission. He wants to write and play music that touches people on an emotional level across gender, age, nationality or musical preferences. With his trio he has played concerts in Scandinavia, Central Europe, Asia and Africa and with three critical acclaimed albums his mission is well on it’s way.

Martin Fabricius studied the vibraphone with jazz legend Gary Burton at Berklee College of Music in the nineties where he graduated with a major in film scoring. Today, Martin has become a renewer of the vibraphone and the way it is being played. Combining advanced playing techniques with electronics he has turned the vibraphone into an expressive instrument that is well suited for the beautiful, expressive and storytelling music that has become his trademark. With his two fellow Danes, Jacob Hatholt on drums and Andreas Markus on bas, Martin Fabricius Trio is an unique and relevant voice or as JazzNyt writes after listening to the new album, Under the Same Sky: “They make music like no one else. The trio radiates a clarified maturity of international class. It’s intoxicating beautiful music.”

The first album with Martin Fabricius Trio, When Sharks Bite, was released in 2008 and was hailed by JazzNyt as one of the 10 best albums to be released that year. In 2014 came Out of the White (re- released in 2017 by Berthold Records) and received 5 out 5 stars by All About Jazz. The new album, Under the Same Sky, was released in October 2018 and has among other praise received 5 out of 5 stars from the German jazz magazine Jazzthetik.






Line Up:
Martin Fabricius : Vibraphone
Andreas Markus: Double Bass
Jacob Hatholt: Drums

Martin Fabricius Trio, Under the Same Sky – 2018 Berthold Records
Martin Fabricius Trio, Out of the White – 2017 Berthold Records
Martin Fabricius Trio, When Sharks Bite – 2008 Gateway Music

Nanna Bech – bio
Scandinavias most exciting new voice
Debut „I Could Kill You In A Thousand Ways“ oozes enigmatic folk noir

Her debutalbum „I Could Kill You In A Thousand Ways“ sees the Singer and Guitarist from Aarhus combining nordic melancholy and dark americana in such a unique way that the listener cannot shake the feeling that he´s about to witness the immediate rise of a new leading scandinavian voice. When Nanna Bech sings, even a shopping list would transform into an enigmatic folksong that sends shivers down your spine. Add her talent for creating melodies you´d follow everywhere as well as writing lyrcis you actually want to understand, it soon becomes obvious that somebody steps into the limelight here who clearly doesn´t follow beaten tracks but prefers to play completely on her own account.

To understand that Nanna Bech does not meet the usual songwriter stereotypes but instead loves to play with the perception of her listeners, you don´t need to look much further than her press photo: What at first glance seems to be some pet on her arm being stroked turns out to be a hunting rifle at closer look! The same analogy goes for the songs of her stunning debut album „I Could Kill You In A Thousand Ways“: Enchanting melodies walking hand in hand with morbid lyrics, lines sounding conciliatory at first all of a sudden turning into „Murder Ballads“. The sparse and mostly acoustic arrangements leave a lot of room for Bechs voice as well as the strong imagery of her storytelling and point out elegantly that sometimes a conscious reduction can emphase the greatness of a song as good as a high gloss production.

Live on stage, Bech and her band easily capture the special mood of her debut by immediately creating an intimate atmosphere bordering on conspiratorial through Bechs disarming honesty and her songs

It´s absolutely clear that Nanna Bech is a secret that scandinavia cannot keep to itself any longer!






Line Up:
Nanna Bech
Emma Axelsson
Katrine Thing Holm
Kristine Kier Jørgensen
Amanda Krog Nielse

2019. Nanna Bech. Never Quiet – Remix – single
2018. Nanna Bech. I Could Kill You In a Thousand Ways – album
2018. Nanna Bech. Lips – Live session
2018. Nanna Bech. Never Quiet – single
2018. Nanna Bech. Lips – single

Dawda Jobareth Quartet – bio

World music will always be the epitome of the uniting power of music as a bridge between cultures. The Denmark resident gambian Singer/Songwriter Dawda Jobarteh certainly has a special position in this genre: He easily manages to merge the musical traditions of his native Western Africa with the ones of his adopted home Scandinavia, successfully transforming both into a unique modern overall sound between Folk and Afro Jazz. All of his three released albums so far are multiple awarded and regularly get praised by critics worldwide.

Dawda Jobartehs most recent third album „I Met Her By The River“ marks a career milestone in his artistic evolution. Symbolical for this stands his interpretation of „Jeg Gik Meg Ud En Sommerdag“ an ancient scandinavian melody from the 17. century, which Jobarteh tranfers to his instrument the Kora, a western african pentatonic harp, making it sound like an old western african song as well as Adele´s „Hello“, that suddenly sounds like having a gambian origin instead that of a producers studio in the Hollywood Hills. His fearless approach briefly sparks in his version of Mongo Santamarias „Afro Blue“ that sounds like Jimi Hendrix just had a try on it.

But Jobarteh´s execellence is clearly not limited to only the musical side: As a scion of Western Africas most famous Griot family, whose carreer as a professional percussionist started at the age of 12, Jobarteh was born into a family tree with decades of musical heritage. In the tradition of the Griots, the musicians, not unlike the blues singers, not only have the duties of keeping the music alive, but also to preserve and tell historic tales . So it´s of little wonder that Jobarteh´s lyrics are as empathetic and wise as the music of this man oscillating between the cultural contrasts of his adopted northern europe home and his western african native on his tours around the globe.

If you take a look at Jobarteh´s previous development it becomes crystal clear that one of western africas biggest musical treasures lies in Scandinavia!






Line Up:
Dawda Jobareth